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How to Use AI Assistant in AICamp
How to Use AI Assistant in AICamp
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By default, AI Assistants in AICamp are available at the Workspace level, under the Assistant collection.

Steps to Use an AI Assistant

1. Navigate to the Assistant collection in your Workspace.

Use an AI Assistant

2. Select the AI Assistant you want to use.

3. Once you select the AI Assistant, a chat screen will appear.

Use an AI Assistant in AICamp

4. You can now chat with your assistant and ask any questions.

Feel free to utilize the AI Assistant for various tasks, queries, and support, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

Best Part of AICamp AI Assistants

The best part of AICamp AI Assistants is that you can select any AI model you'd like to use. This gives you the power to choose from a variety of models, ensuring you have the right tool for every task and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your AI interactions.
You can choose model from the AI model drop down.

Advanced Configuration

Get ready for some exciting new features for your AI Assistant! We are adding the ability to connect to your own data sources with custom APIs, upload and analyze files directly, and even link to your company's internal knowledge base.

Stay in the loop and join our Discord community for updates and to share your thoughts:

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