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How to Share or Collaborate on AI Assistants
How to Share or Collaborate on AI Assistants
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In AICamp, collaboration is made easy with AI Assistants, as they are designed to be accessible by your entire workspace.

Sharing and Collaborating on AI Assistants

By default, all AI Assistants are saved under the Workspace. This means that they are automatically available throughout the workspace, and all members who are part of the workspace can access and use these assistants.

Steps to Collaborate:

1. Create or Update an AI Assistant:

  • When you create or update an AI Assistant, it is saved under the Workspace collection.

  • This ensures that the assistant is available to all members of your workspace.

2. Accessing AI Assistants:

  • Team members can navigate to the Assistant collection within the Workspace.

  • They can select any AI Assistant available and start interacting with it.

3. Collaborative Use:

  • Team members can use the AI Assistants to get answers, automate tasks, and streamline workflows.

  • Because the AI Assistants are accessible to all, team members can collaborate on tasks and share insights derived from the assistant's interactions.

Key Benefits of Sharing AI Assistants

  • Enhanced Collaboration: All team members can leverage the same AI Assistants, ensuring consistent information and collaborative efforts.

  • Increased Efficiency: Shared access to AI Assistants helps in streamlining tasks and improving overall team productivity.

  • Flexibility: Team members can choose and switch between different AI models for the assistants, making the tool versatile and powerful.

By utilizing these steps, you can effectively share and collaborate on AI Assistants within your AICamp workspace, ensuring that your team can work together efficiently and effectively.


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